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Welcome on the web site of XIU,
our Mexican hairless dog

Xiu is a xolo living in Latvia (one of the 20 – 30 xolos of this little country of approx. 2.3 million inhabitants). She`s born in October 2001 in Riga, Latvia. This 13th of February she became mother of two wonderfull boys. This site is dedicated to Xiu. Yeah, I understand, you can not read it because it`s in Latvian or french (you can choose one of these languages on the wellcome page)… But... the photos are very nice ant they speak international language…


Some pictures

Winter time

Some more pictures

She loves boating

Xiu`s husband

Xiu and her boys

The happy family

More pictures

and some more...

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

Newest photos`2006

Xiu: childhood

Xiu: 2007

Xiu: different

Have fun!

A temple in India